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Mastermind 10 Box Set

Mastermind Event

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Mastermind 10 Box Set
Mastermind 10 Box Set
Mastermind 10 Box Set

This beautiful, collector's edition box set features 16 CDs with main stage sessions from Mastermind Event. Each case contains photos from the event, speaker biographies, plus talk titles and descriptions.

"The greatest collection of experts I have ever seen." - Charlie Costello

Now you can bring home these powerful speakers to create the ultimate lending library for your team.


"This...was...LIFE-CHANGING!" - Jenni Smith

"The caliber of speakers was incredible! Absolutely the best event I have attended." - Felix Mack

"The event was truly a turning point in my career." - Jeremy McMillan


Here's a sneak peek of what's inside...



Randy Gage: Overcoming Fear

Randy Gage identifies three surprising fears holding most people back and how to overcome them to tap into your full potential.


Sarah Robbins: The Life of My Dreams

Sarah Robbins shares her story as an example of how network marketing can be the vehicle to achieve your dreams, and the importance of committing fully to success. 


Donna Imson: Take Your Life Into Your Own Hands

Donna Imson highlights the importance of focusing on yourself during the journey to success through her story of overcoming hardships


Wes Linden: The Rules of Marketing

Wes Linden exposes some marketing myths and tactics within the profession and his personal number one tool for prospecting.


Dana Collins: I Am Enough

Dana Collins shares her story of overcoming insecurities and key steps to becoming a more fulfilled, confident person.


Hilde & Orjan Saele: Your Journey to Freedom & Keeping the Belief In You

Hilde Saele shares three keys to her journey to freedom. Ørjan looks at how we can keep that belief in ourselves, especially when it feels like you might be losing the battle.


Tom "Big Al" Schreiter: Creating Long-Term Motivation

Tom Schreiter shares specific skills to help motivate your distributors, to help them craft a vision and move them towards success.


Opportunity Showcase

A unique segment in which Randy Gage, Wes Linden, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, and Art Jonak present portions of a generic opportunity meeting.


Success Stories

Darnell Self, Shauna Ekstrom, Sara Marble, Ronnie Cruz, Brandy Sinoto and Peggy Smith all share their powerful stories about achieving success.


Orrin Woodward: I Hope You Dance

Orrin Woodward describes the 7 things to look for in a great network marketing company and how it can get you out of the ruts in life, so you can share your talents and dreams with the world.


Randy Gage: 15 Steps to Open a New Country

Randy Gage shares his experience with opening new countries in 15 key steps, from initial launch to nationwide success.


Lightning Rounds

Darnell Self, Justin Harrison, Andi Duli and Wes Linden each share a 15 minute teaching segment on their skillsets in the profession.


Orrin Woodward: Applying the Law of Averages to Produce Numbers

Orrin Woodward explains the Law of Averages and how understanding it can make prospecting easier and more effective.


Art Jonak: Partner with People

Art Jonak shares some skill sets on how to get your newest prospect started right to build a large team in a duplicable method.


Darnell Self: Working Through Your List

Darnell Self shares the ideal way to work through your list of prospects to achieve the maximum success, using examples from his personal story


So You Think You Can Present?

A unique segment in which a panel of judges will critique volunteers presenting a generic opportunity meeting. This panel features Art Jonak, Sarah Robbins, Orjan Saele, and Randy Gage.


Chris Brady: What's the Difference?

Chris Brady delves into the key differences between average and exemplary, and shares his insights into the patterns of successful leaders.


Orjan Saele: Getting Unstuck & Developing Network Marketing Stamina

Ørjan Saele shares how to get unstuck, develop grit, and lead a Network Marketing business that grows bigger every year.


Art Jonak: The Case for Customers

Art Jonak makes a case for the importance of a strong customer base for every Network Marketing business, while showing the long-term legal and economical ramifications of ignoring a customer driven culture.


Chris Brady: We Deliver Happiness

Chris Brady explains the true keys to happiness and how cultivating personal happiness goes hand in hand with building a long term, stable business.


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