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Mastermind 11 Box Set

Mastermind Event

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Mastermind 11 Box Set
Mastermind 11 Box Set
Mastermind 11 Box Set

This beautiful, collector's edition box set features 16 CDs with main stage sessions from Mastermind Event. Each case contains photos from the event, speaker biographies, plus talk titles and descriptions.

"The greatest collection of experts I have ever seen." - Charlie Costello

Now you can bring home these powerful speakers to create the ultimate lending library for your team.


"This...was...LIFE-CHANGING!" - Jenni Smith

"The caliber of speakers was incredible! Absolutely the best event I have attended." - Felix Mack

"The event was truly a turning point in my career." - Jeremy McMillan


Here's a sneak peek of what's inside...



Randy Gage: What's Holding You Back?

Randy Gage dissects the common reasons of lack of success we tell ourselves and how to break through those limitations to reach the next level.

Art Jonak: Lead With the Truth

Art Jonak discusses some obstacles every Direct Selling professional faces and how to lead with a foundation of truth, to eliminate negative hype.


Wes Linden: Mindful Mentorship

Wes Linden shares tips on how he mentors his team to invest in their growth for long term duplication and results. He uses personal stories evaluate common phrases that unintentionally set back our teams, and emphasizes giving mindful support.


Orrin & Laurie Woodward: The Financial Matrix

Orrin and Laurie Woodward share stories of their debt-filled past and the proven method that helped them to break out of the Financial Matrix. They share how you can fight against corrosive debt with financially defensive strategies, freeing you to chase your dreams.


Tom "Big Al" Schreiter: Tackling Tough Objections

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter shares his tips for handling one of the most difficult responses from prospects so you know exactly what to say next time you hear it.


Dana Collins: Five Levels of Commitment

Dana Collins discusses the pivotal step preceding success: commitment. She details the five levels of commitment and how to overcome the obstacles at each level.


Sara Marble: Overcoming Challenges In Business

Sara Marble shares her four P’s to overcoming the challenges most businessmen and women will face, using examples from her own difficulties.


Darnell Self: Leading the Team


Darnell Self shares tips on how to create a motivational and duplicable culture in your team and how he handles some obstacles that come with leading a large team.


Lightning Leadership Rounds


Art Jonak and Orjan Saele interview top earners from different companies. During their dialogue (and debates!), patterns of success are revealed that transcend company, culture and country.



Bob Burg: Focus on Go-Giving


Bob Burg shares the 5 laws of go-giving that will make you better at Direct Selling and more valuable in the marketplace.


Chris Brady: Meaningful Motivation


Chris Brady explores the relationship between success and creating a positive impact to give you a new perspective on what makes Direct Selling such powerful profession, specifically with today’s consumer market.


Randy Gage: Creating a Season of Growth

Randy Gage leads a master class on how to create a season of growth, by creating a strong foundation of leadership to build momentum. He begins with an overview of the strategies, then specifically outlines both the leader’s actions and the practical application.


Chris Brady: The Power Curve

Chris Brady describes two types of income curves to show why some assumptions about Direct Selling are false. He highlights the difficulties and rewards of unconstrained income professions and how to find success with the Power Curve.

JJ Birden: You Have to Earn It

JJ Birden shares his story of overcoming obstacles to play in the NFL, and how the lessons he learned while chasing success as a professional athlete apply directly to achieving success in direct selling.


Justin Harrison: Be Determined

Justin Harrison discusses the importance of focused determination in your business and shares a simple technique to get your whole team doing rainmaker activities for faster growth.


Hilde & Orjan Saele: Expect Potential

Hilde & Orjan Saele discuss the best balance of personal responsibility in personal and business relationships; as well as how to inspire & develop the potential within yourself and your team.


Bob Burg: Endless Referrals

Bob Burg shares his system for creating endless top referrals, by establishing great relationships. His talk with help you gain a strong customer base, an ever growing referral list, and will position you to prospect in a more profitable and less stressful way.

Orjan Saele: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Orjan Saele discusses the five most common issues within teams that prevent stable long-term growth, and provides tips on how to battle them.


So You Think You Can Present

Strengthen your presenting skills by learning from this unique segment, in which volunteers present a generic opportunity that is critiqued and improved by Randy Gage, Sarah Robbins, Orjan Saele & Art Jonak.


Chris Brady: Habits Worthy of Your Dreams

Chris Brady reveals the importance of specific daily habits that define the wealthy and successful, so you can incorporate them into your life and business.

Orjan Saele: Vital Behaviors

Orjan Saele explains what vital behaviors are and the impact they have when implemented. He shares six vital behaviors for building a successful business, and insights into where Direct Selling is headed as a profession.


Andi Duli: Defeating Distractions

Andi Duli shares how distractions played a big role in his hitting rock bottom, and how he now tackles the top ten daily distractions.


Chris Medina: Be the Beacon of Light

Chris Medina reveals the heartbreaking motivation behind his rise to financial freedom.

Sarah Robbins: Pressure Promotes Us

Sarah Robbins discusses the power of pressure to push you towards your goals and away from complacency, using personal anecdotes from her rise to success.


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