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Mastermind 13 Box Set

Mastermind Event

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Mastermind 13 Box Set


This stunning deluxe box set is tech-friendly, as it comes with 33 main stage sessions from the Network Marketing Mastermind Event on a USB flash drive!

Inside is a full-color, detailed booklet with photos from the event and descriptions of each talk and speaker.

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Randy Gage 

Title: It’s Not About the Circles

Description: Randy Gage discusses the value of building a Network Marketing business, highlighting the most impactful moments that will motivate your journey, while dispelling the myth that it’s “all about the money”.



Art Jonak

Title: Empathetic Entrepreneurship

Summary: Art Jonak emphasizes the truly important aspects of Network Marketing, and how the role of a leader goes beyond building a business, into positively impacting a community when leading with empathy.


Chris Brady

Title: The Strategy to the Heart

Summary: Chris Brady narrates a three act story that will attract new customers to your business, and retain your current customers to further deepen the relationship over the years.


Tim Storey

Title: The Miracle Mindset

Summary: Tim Storey coaches how to push beyond your barriers through simple - but powerful - points of observation, revelation, and conviction, to reach your greatest breakthrough yet.


Sarah Robbins

Title: Leading With Legacy

Summary: Sarah Robbins re-defines Legacy, as not just something we leave behind for others, but the impact we are working on today. Sarah touches on the steps you have to take to grow your leadership within your team, profession and your home, to continue to build a legacy of empowering others to live the life of their dreams.


Tom Barrett

Title: The Ten Levels of Commitment

Summary: Dr Tom Barrett defines the ten levels of commitment so you can identify where you and your team members are, to build stronger commitment within your organization and take action steps.


Hilde Saele

Title: The Four Disciplines of Success

Summary: Hilde Saele delves into the four keys to building a strong business, in a general outline but also with specific actionable steps.


Randy Gage

Title: The Hardest Thing to Teach

Summary: Randy Gage reveals the most difficult thing to teach when helping team members achieve rank advancement - something you might not expect, but need to hear how Randy handles it.


Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Title: The Art of Recruitment

Summary: Big Al gives tips on how to effectively recruit customers and ‘seal the deal.’  His talk encourages listener participation, by choosing the right words effectively, using the concept of Tiny Questions.   


Daniel Song

Title: Ping Pong Priorities

  Summary: Daniel Song discusses balancing priorities with his visual exercise using ping pong balls. He’ll give you action steps on how to temporarily shift time to powerfully impact the success of your business. 


Wes Linden

Title:  The Sliding Door Moment  

Summary: Wes Linden narrates engaging stories that demonstrate 4 fundamental tips to create that ‘sliding doors moment’ when making a phone call that can change someone’s life. 


Justin Harrison

Title: Leading Powerful People

Summary: Justin Harrison shares his golden rule for achieving results, and how intentional focus on mindset and skillset will impact retention on your team.


David & Stacy Whited

Title:  The Essential Tools to Success 

Summary: David and Stacy Whited share their story of struggles and how they use  key, simple steps to help their team expand their skills, self esteem and power to lead them to freedom.


So You Think You Can Present?

Summary: Strengthen your presenting skills by learning from this unique gameshow style segment, in which volunteers present a generic opportunity that is critiqued and improved by a panel of judges (Randy Gage, Orjan Saele, Sarah Robbins, and Art Jonak).


Darnell Self

Title: Small Wins Create Big Wins

Summary: Darnell Self shares the importance of building your business with the entire team by celebrating the small and big wins, through habitual celebration.  


Erik Gamio

Title: Will You Be a Roadie or a Rockstar?

Summary: Erick Gamio demonstrates the actions leaders have to take to developer the attitude and presence of a Rockstar of the profession.


Orjan Saele 

Title: Influences vs. Authority

Summary: Orjan Saele explores the 5 principles of increasing influence, without the use of authority, to build your business foundation upon.


Randy Gage

Title: The Privilege of the Platform

Summary: Randy Gage teaches a masterclass on platform speaking, emphasizing the opportunity speakers have to tell a powerful, relevant story from the platform that truly impacts and benefits the audience 


Sarah Robbins

Title: Title: Time Savers and Team Builders

Summary: Sarah Robbins shares her philosophy about building a prosperous team, recruiting new members, and keeping her "why" at the forefront.


Star Moree

Title: Ask the Audience

Summary: Wes Linden interviews audience member, Star Moree, about the impact Direct Sales has had on her life & family, specifically by allowing her children to pursue their passions to the highest level.


Jen Furness

Title: The Truth-Teller

Summary: Jen Furness shares her personal challenges to highlight the leadership roles of cheerleader and truth-teller, and how to combine those roles to maximize motivation on your team.


Darnell Self

Title: The Power of Potential

Summary: Darnell Self describes how to implement proper training that taps into not only your own potential, but your team's potential as well, and propels everyone together to new heights.


Art Jonak

Title:  The Retention Pool 

Summary: Art Jonak shares why retention is critical to creating longevity and sustained growth for your business, sharing specific tips and steps on how to improve retention long term.



Dana Collins 

Title: Sustaining Through Pain

Summary: Dana discusses how pain can be a driving force, to commit with heart, and emphasizes the law of association for your team.


Tom Barrett

Title: The Power of Connection

Summary: Dr Tom Barrett shares the keys to creating meaningful, powerful connection within each of your relationships, to strengthen your business.


Luca Melloni & Lily Rosales

Title: Promoting Positive Partners

Summary: Luca Melloni and Lily Rosales recount how they got started in their business to show how to overcome negative influences in your life to build your business positively.


Cultivating Top Team Culture Panel

Summary: Wes Linden interview a panel of leaders who have cultivated highly successful team cultures, about their best practices so you can implement team bonding techniques to increase retention. Panel features Agnes Tchoryk, Joey Marcelo, and Eugene Hong.


Bob Burg

Title: Mastering Ultimate Influence

Summary: Bob Burg shares the 5 principles of Ultimate Influence, by tapping into people’s needs, wants, desires, values and goals.


Hilde Saele

Title: Encouragement Nourishment

Summary: Hilde Saele shares her techniques for riding the rough seas of Direct Selling, and how encouragement and action can help your team catch that perfect wave.


Orjan Saele

Title: The Big Idea
Summary: Orjan Saele shares how focusing on “The Big Idea” while making the “necessary cuts” creates a formula for success.

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