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Mastermind 6 Box Set

Mastermind Event

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Mastermind 6 Box Set
Mastermind 6 Box Set
Mastermind 6 Box Set

This beautiful, collector's edition box set features 15 CDs with main stage sessions from Mastermind Event. Each case contains photos from the event, speaker biographies, plus talk titles and descriptions.

Now you can bring home this powerful event to create the ultimate lending library for your team.

 "I wanted to take every presenter home with me to listen over and over again." - Mayra Alfonso
 "What a world class event!" - Andrew Zapata
  "The days flew, the content was incredible..." - Hilde McDonald


Here's a sneak peek of what's inside...

Orrin Woodward: Exponential Growth Through Depth

In this session, Orrin Woodward shares how to "Rotate the Pattern," how and why building depth has been proven to be one of the fastest ways to build numbers and volume on your team.


Tom "Big Al" Schreiter: Helping Your Prospects to Believe the Good Things You Say

Your prospect wants your product. Your prospect wants more money. You offer your product, you offer more money, and your prospect says: "No." Does that strike you as strange? Tom Schreiter's session addresses this enigma head on.


Randy Gage: Turning Hope into Belief

Hope is what gets people into the business, but belief is what keeps them in the business. So how do you turn hope into belief? This powerful session shares how to develop an unshakable belief within your team.


Orrin Woodward: The Ant & the Elephant

This wildly popular talk uncovers the difference between the "ant mind" and the "elephant mind" to unlock the key to achieving your dreams. Orrin shares how to activate your subconscious mind to accelerate your success journey.


Donna Imson: Triumph Through Adversity

Donna Imson's story is filled with eye-opening perspectives, valuable lessons and unbelievable examples of facing adversity and having the courage to do what's right because it's right, regardless of ramifications to self.


Art Jonak: A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships

Ann Jonak opens this ession on the "power of associations." Art Jonak discusses how communicating with our team from an incorrect view point could hinder growth and how friendships within our profession, regardless of company affiliation, actually makes us and our profession more attractive.


Orrin Woodward: Ten Laws of Financial Management

Orrin shares his personal financial management strategies, the same ones he used to get ahead financially and the ones he teaches his leaders. Use this essential knowledge to help achieve your financial goals.


Richard Brooke: Fireside Chat with a Network Marketing Company CEO

After sharing his story, Richard Brooke answers audience questions about everything they have ever wanted to ask but were hesitant or simply never had the opportunity.


Randy Gage: Making the First Circle Work

In this session, Randy focuses on how to make the first circle work, the one that says "you" in it, since it is your organization and your name on the bonus check.


Jordan Adler: Beach Money Freedom: From Believing to Flat Out Knowing

'Knowing' lives in a place all its own. When you transcend belief and doubt to allow yourself to experience 'knowing,' you'll find freedom that can take you to a whole new level.


Ken Dunn: Lessons from My Journey

Ken shares the good and bad lessons from his journey, ones everyone can use to shorten their success curve. Ken also shares the "2 Simple Skills" that he focuses on day-in and day-out, as well as powerful prospecting techniques.


Orrin Woodward: The Ant and the Elephant

Most people will discipline their 'ant mind' to make a living, but few will ever discipline their 'elephant mind' to achieve their dreams. In this session, Orrin shares how to activate your subconscious mind to accelerate your success journey.


Randy Gage: All You've Got

In this powerful session, Randy explores the real challenges that keep you from reaching the top of your compensation plan. You'll discover what really allows you to turn adversity into opportunity and how to keep yourself motivated and moving forward.


Orrin Woodward: Change or Lose

"You either hate losing bad enough to change or you hate changing bad enough to lose." When a person is sick and tired of losing, they confront reality, develop a plan and change. Orrin shares how changing can be tough but not-changing is tougher because it ensures losing over the long haul.


The Female Factor Women's Panel

Whether you're a supporter, spouse or leader, women have a significant impact on our profession. Our "first ever" women's panel looks at how the female factor affects every organization.

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