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Mastermind 7 Box Set

Mastermind Event

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Mastermind 7 Box Set
Mastermind 7 Box Set
Mastermind 7 Box Set

This beautiful, collector's edition box set features 16 CDs with main stage sessions from Mastermind Event. Each case contains photos from the event, speaker biographies, plus talk titles and descriptions.

Now you can bring home these powerful speakers to create the ultimate lending library for your team.

"The greatest collection of experts I have ever seen." - Charlie Costello
"This...was...LIFE-CHANGING!" - Jenni Smith
"The caliber of speakers was incredible! Absolutely the best event I have attended." - Felix Mack
"The event was truly a turning point in my career." - Jeremy McMillan


Here's a sneak peek of what's inside...


Randy Gage: Believe In Yourself

Randy explores the power of belief and how to harness it for your own success. He will show you how to get the most out of this box set by achieving the right mindset.


Orrin Woodward: Conflict Resolution

What's the biggest challenge of the entire business? People. Or more specifically, people's issues. That's where you'll find Orrin's masterclass on conflict resolution particularly illuminating.


The Women's Panel

Women have fabulous strengths that fit perfectly with Network Marketing. In this thought-provoking roundtable discussion, the female members of our Rock Star faculty share their insights of the particular challenges women face, and how to overcome them to win.


Chris Brady: The Rascal Leader

In this masterclass, Chris uncovers the critical differences in the makeup of leaders who step out from the crowd and seek to make a difference. In this profession, this element of leadership is perhaps more important than any other


Orjan & Hilde Saele: Five Vital Behaviors

Hilde explains how you could be your own biggest obstacle in growing a large team. Orjan digs deeper into what does and does not work. Get ready to study attitudes, activity and the five vital behaviors that can cause your Network Marketing business to gain momentum.


Jordan Adler: Beach Money - Beyond the Nuts and Bolts

Finding leaders takes more than just doing the basic skills most of us are taught over and over again. In this session, Jordan shares his best techniques for finding leaders.


Chris Brady: Dustbusters & Troll People - The 5 Levels of Influence

In this hilarious keynote presentation, Chris will inspire and instruct business builders on how to understand the "method to the madness" of systematic, duplicable principles in this business.


Art Jonak: Power of the Dream

Art shares how external forces continually push most people into a cycle of going from 'crisis' to 'comfort' - yet some people harness internal forces, like the power of dreams, to break that cycle to move from 'comfort' to 'success'.


Nick Sarnicola: Relaunching Yourself

How do you shake things up when business gets stagnant? Nick shares how to continuously recreate and relaunch yourself to keep your leadership, your message, and your energy fresh, so you can create belief and momentum.


Tom "Big Al" Schreiter: How to Take Instant, Iron-Fisted Control of Your Prospects Mind

From the moment you move your lips, most prospects stop listening to you. Instead, your prospects are thinking: "What's the catch? I've got to think of excuses. I don't want to spend money. It sounds too good to be true." Fix this by applying key phrases Tom Schreiter shares in this session.


Dana Collins: Using 'Consistent Messaging' to Build a Sustainable Business

At every level of growth in the pay plan, there are certain messages each person needs to learn and duplicate. Dana walks you through each level, starting from the brand new distributor to the highest level of leadership advancement.


Randy Gage: Secrets of Duplication

In this masterclass, Randy teaches the key components of a duplicable system, how you add them into your team, and the three things that have to be done simultaneously for success.


Orrin Woodward: The Marathon of Life

At the start of your life journey, everybody's fired up, cheering you on; but after the first mile, you are on your own. There are hills, rail and hail. You run the lonely miles, unsure of why you're doing it and consider quitting. Orrin explains how to finish the marathon with this inspiring talk.


Orjan Saele: ReSTART

Orjan explains how our lopsided efforts are too focused on getting people's attention and joining the business, when it's just as important to keep their attention once they've joined and retain them in the organization.


Ann Feinstein: Dance With Your Fear

Ann share hows she overcame her own fears when she started the business and what you can do to overcome your own. She reveals three steps to conquer your fears  and create victory with your business.


Jordan Adler: Beach Money - What Am I Doing Wrong?

Most people spend their time looking for answers to questions that won't make a difference in their ultimate success. In this session, Jordan Adler will explore a few simple things that can create a quantum leap in growth in your business.


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