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Mastermind 8 Box Set

Mastermind Event

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Mastermind 8 Box Set
Mastermind 8 Box Set
Mastermind 8 Box Set

This beautiful, collector's edition box set features 20 CDs with main stage sessions from Mastermind Event. Each case contains photos from the event, speaker biographies, plus talk titles and descriptions.

Now you can bring home these powerful speakers to create the ultimate lending library for your team.


" has changed my business, but more importantly, it has changed my life." - Becky VanPool
"What an amazing testimony to the profession of Network Marketing! Thank you!" - Keely Patton
"Amazing. Moving. Powerful!" - Judy Gilmore
"World-class event!" - Mike Caruana


Here's a sneak peek of what's inside...


Chris Brady: The 20 Mile March

 From arctic expeditions to dogs piddling on the carpet, Chris Brady teaches how the right kind of activity is critical for success and busts myths about business and the illusion of activity.


Randy Gage: Developing Leaders

In this Masterclass, Randy Gage shares the philosophy top leaders have, the principles they operate by, and the strategies they employ to lead other leaders.


Orrin & Laurie Woodward: Start Starting and Quit Quitting

The biggest breakthrough occur when a person refuses to quit despite their current dismal results. Persistence through numerous failures builds character and determines whether a person joins the ranks of perpetual winners or perpetual quitters in life.


Hilde & Orjan Saele: Posture & the Magic of Momentum

The skill of proper posture and how to create, build and maintain sustainable growth with the "magic" of momentum, the three keys to creating momentum and coaching techniques for maintaining momentum.


Multi-Million Dollar Lightning Round Panel

Randy Gage invited six top income earners on stage and asks them questions specific to their "best practices" of building a successful and sustainable Network Marketing business.


Tom "Big Al" Schreiter: How to Create Instant, Immediate Rapport with Prospects

What words can you use to command that instant "connection" with prospects? Tom shares how to create a template to do this automatically.


Mike Potillo: Freedom: Mission Possible

The one simple question and technique all new distributors should answer and use correctly, because if they don't, the odds of them quitting become extremely high.


Orrin & Laurie Woodward: Eight Keys to Network Marketing Success

Network Marketing success requires excellence in eight specific areas. Orrin and Laurie outline these key areas and a plan for you to develop excellence in each one.


Women's Panel

Fun, fearless female giants in our profession get real in this tell-all session for women who want to rock all areas of their business and life.


Sarah Robbins: Demystifying the "Big Build"

Sarah shares how she went from being a product promoter to a power prospector and how to make the shift yourself.


Donna Imson: Can Women Really Have It All?

Real life stories of how women from Asia, the Middle East and Africa can (and do) have it all in our profession.


Jordan Adler: The Day the "Swagger" Stuck

Swagger is your strut, your confidence, your knowing it's the day your life goes into overdrive and nothing can stop you. And from that point on, life will never be the same.


Chris Brady: Today's the Day

Chris Brady attacks misconceptions about success through the use of eye-opening statistics and a very compelling story about a real-life treasure hunt.


Building Through Events Panel

Art Jonak is joined on stage by world-class event promoters as they break down the art and science to building your Network Marketing business through events.


Sarah Robbins: Rockstar Recognition

A culture of recognition holds your organization together so it can stand the test of time. Recognition can be simple, duplicable, often free, and one of the most priceless techniques to master.


Randy Gage: Risky is the New Safe

Randy takes out his crystal ball and lays out his vision for what it will take to prosper in the new economy and why these trends point to the "golden era" of Network Marketing.


Orrin Woodward: Building Numbers Through Depth and Relationships

Creating a long-term sustainable income in Network Marketing requires depth and relationships. Focusing your effort on both produces multiple times the results with the same amount of effort.


Executive Roundtable Panel

Art Jonak is joined by several corporate executives who run Network Marketing companies, as they discuss the best practices that create a thriving distributor and corporate synergy.


Mike Potillo: Get in Gear

Mike shares specific ideas and strategies on how to incorporate an often overlooked sales technique that can instantly impact your recruiting and retention rates.


Ann Feinstein: How to Overcome Recruiting Fear and Rejection

Ann shares her secrets to breaking through fear and rejection so you can invite and sponsor with confidence.


Jordan Adler: No Shows, Cancellations, Nay-Sayers and Inconsiderate People

Jordan shares specific examples and stories of how to minimize the impact flakey and disrespectful people have on your growth. You'll know how to respond to and insulate yourself from the naysayers.


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